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About EMDR

What is EMDR?

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is an evidenced based therapy that focuses on a client’s present concerns from the lens of how past experiences are being activated by these present concerns. EMDR therapy follows a specific protocol (phases) that the EMDR therapist has been trained in. 


What does an EMDR session look like? What can I expect?

EMDR therapy follows a specific protocol that involves phases of treatment. To find more information about EMDR therapy visit

Learn more about the phases of EMDR:


How do I choose the right EMDR Therapist?

Choosing an EMDR therapist is an important step in your healing journey. Here are some things to consider:


Is the therapist appropriately trained in EMDR?

Therapists that have taken the EMDR basic training and have completed the requirements, can provide EMDR therapy to clients. EMDRIA is the official governing body for EMDR and only therapists that have taken an EMDRIA approved training and completed the requirements are fully trained in EMDR. Some EMDR trained therapists go on to complete certification and can also become consultants. Asking your therapist about their training is important. 


How long has the therapist been using EMDR?

EMDR therapists can begin practicing EMDR immediately after the Basic Training. Ask your therapist when they were trained, by which program and how long they have been using EMDR in their practice. As EMDR therapists transition from Basic Training to Certification to becoming a Consultant, they receive more training, continuing education, and conduct more EMDR sessions. Some even specialize in specific modalities, areas of interest and obtain further certifications. Ask your therapist how much of their practice is spent using EMDR.


Does the therapist specialize in EMDR?

Some therapists choose to specialize in EMDR and use this as their primary therapy for clients. Some therapists choose to use EMDR therapy as a part of their practice and integrate it with other treatment modalities. EMDR is deemed a full therapeutic approach and can be used on its own. Ask your therapist how they use EMDR in their practice to see if it’s the right fit for you. 

"Healing the soul requires a journey through the wounds of the past"
- Rumi

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